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Web Development for the iPhone: HTML, CSS & JS Support

Safari and Safari for the iPhone support all HTML elements, including deprecated elements and even some proprietary elements that were never part of any W3C specifications. In addtion, Safari is supporting some HTML5 elements, even though the HTML5 specifications have … Continue reading

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iPhone Screen Orientation: Portrait and Landscape

When you tilt your iPhone, the screen changes orientation. The website you developed for the default portrait orientation may not look good in landscape mode, especially if you developed your page for the 480 (h) x 320 (w) screen. In … Continue reading

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hover pseudoclass for the iPhone

Since you’re not hovering, there is no hover pseudo class on the iPhone. instead they have touch events. To simulate the :hover pseudo class, include javascript similar to this: var myLinks = document.getElementsByTagName(‘a’); for(var i = 0; i < myLinks.length; … Continue reading

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Safari 3 CSS Support

Safari 3.0 has the best CSS, including CSS3, support of any popular browser. Below I go over Safari CSS Selector support and then show how to include multiple background images, and how to create rounded corners without the use of … Continue reading

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Web Development for the iPhone

iPhone Web Applications: HTML5, CSS3 & dev tips for iPhone development View more presentations from estellevw. Web Development for the iPhone: Targeting the iPhone Safari browser Developing for the iPhone Also check out Creating native looking iPhone web apps with … Continue reading

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