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Web Development for the iPhone: HTML, CSS & JS Support

Safari and Safari for the iPhone support all HTML elements, including deprecated elements and even some proprietary elements that were never part of any W3C specifications. In addtion, Safari is supporting some HTML5 elements, even though the HTML5 specifications have … Continue reading

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hover pseudoclass for the iPhone

Since you’re not hovering, there is no hover pseudo class on the iPhone. instead they have touch events. To simulate the :hover pseudo class, include javascript similar to this: var myLinks = document.getElementsByTagName(‘a’); for(var i = 0; i < myLinks.length; … Continue reading

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Browser Testing: 3 tools you can’t live without

Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 don’t render the same. Also, Firebug 1.0 is less buggy than Firebug 1.2. So, at this point, it really is necessary to run multiple versions of Firefox in your development environment, similar to how most … Continue reading

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CSS Background Properties: possible values, default values, browser support and DOM

Everything you could possibly want to know about CSS Background Properties, including default values, browser support, targeting the DOM, and what to look for in CSS3. There are 5 attributes controlling background images, with a few more being added when … Continue reading

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IE7 only CSS hacks: Examples

Examples of Hacks described in IE7 only CSS Hacks: Explained This blog entry is the companion page to IE7 only CSS Hacks: Explained which elaborates on how and why these hacks work. Feel free to open this page up in … Continue reading

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IE7 CSS Selectors: How they fail

The following table explains the failures of IE7. I am only listing bugs in IE7 CSS from the selector perspective, not from the rendering perspective. The fact that IE7 fails to heed certain valid CSS selectors will provide opportunity for … Continue reading

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CSS Selectors and Browser Support

Note: This grid is OUTDATED! Please see Grid of CSS3 Selectors and Browser Support Below are the various CSS selectors, including CSS3 selectors, and current browser support. Green / √ means current support. Orange / Δ means that the browsers … Continue reading

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IE7 only CSS hacks: Explained

Targeting Internet Explorer 7 There are at least 6 ways to target IE7 only. The Star Hack Conditional Comments The LANG filter Triple X Hack The Case Sensitive Attribute Hack – NEW Aimsterloo Hack – NEW To see all these … Continue reading

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