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Web Development for the iPhone: HTML, CSS & JS Support

Safari and Safari for the iPhone support all HTML elements, including deprecated elements and even some proprietary elements that were never part of any W3C specifications. In addtion, Safari is supporting some HTML5 elements, even though the HTML5 specifications have … Continue reading

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Moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

Moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0: Skills you need to know to stay relevant. Moving from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0View more from estellevw. Here is the audio.

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More CSS, XHTML and JavaScript at Community MX

I have been somewhat prolific as a technical writer for Community MX over the past 12 months. If you are interested in any of the articles, they are listed below. I will add new articles to this list as they … Continue reading

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Browser Testing: 3 tools you can’t live without

Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 don’t render the same. Also, Firebug 1.0 is less buggy than Firebug 1.2. So, at this point, it really is necessary to run multiple versions of Firefox in your development environment, similar to how most … Continue reading

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Website Optimization: YSlow Tutorial

Introduction to YSlow: optimizing your actual and perceived download speed Two days ago Yahoo! officially released their Firebug extionsion "YSlow". YSlow is a tool that coherently presents factors effecting actual and perceived download speed. Many of the features available thru … Continue reading

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Firebug Tutorial: Introduction to Firebug

A Firebug Tutorial This is an overview of the plugin, not a detailed explanation of all of it’s amazing features. This should be enough to get you started. Installing Firebug Opening and Closing Firebug Firebug Window Overview Edit your document … Continue reading

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