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Web Development for the iPhone: HTML, CSS & JS Support

Safari and Safari for the iPhone support all HTML elements, including deprecated elements and even some proprietary elements that were never part of any W3C specifications. In addtion, Safari is supporting some HTML5 elements, even though the HTML5 specifications have … Continue reading

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iPhone Screen Orientation: Portrait and Landscape

When you tilt your iPhone, the screen changes orientation. The website you developed for the default portrait orientation may not look good in landscape mode, especially if you developed your page for the 480 (h) x 320 (w) screen. In … Continue reading

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CSS Background Properties: possible values, default values, browser support and DOM

Everything you could possibly want to know about CSS Background Properties, including default values, browser support, targeting the DOM, and what to look for in CSS3. There are 5 attributes controlling background images, with a few more being added when … Continue reading

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CSS & Javascript Character Entity Calculator

Javascript and CSS Entity Conversion Calculator Enter your HTML Entity Character number (such as &#2335 or just 2335 – ट) to get the CSS and JS values for that entity. Explanations on how to use the results are below. Numeric … Continue reading

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Firebug Tutorial: Introduction to Firebug

A Firebug Tutorial This is an overview of the plugin, not a detailed explanation of all of it’s amazing features. This should be enough to get you started. Installing Firebug Opening and Closing Firebug Firebug Window Overview Edit your document … Continue reading

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Controlling List Item Bullets with CSS – ASCII bullets

Using ASCII and UNICODE characters as Bullets with CSS In non-IE browsers you can stylize lists to have any character as a bullet instead of the default bullet. You will find several sites now using the double right angle quote … Continue reading

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Javascript, CSS, and (X)HTML entities in numeric order

Named HTML entities in numeric order Below are the entities listed in numeric order with definition and ISO numeric code. CSS ‘content’ does not accept named entities or regular numeric entities such as @, but does render ASCII text and … Continue reading

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Named HTML Entities in Alphabetical Order

A Á Á Â Â ´ ´ Æ Æ À À ℵ ℵ Α Α & & ∧ ∧ ∠ ∠ Å Å ≈ ≈ Ã Ã Ä Ä B „ „ Β Β ¦ ¦ • • C ∩ … Continue reading

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