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Working at Visa

Visa is a bastion of mediocrity with low morale. I had high hopes when I accepted a role at Visa Inc. in Foster City. I was hired to work on a front end components library, speak at conferences, etc. Visa has … Continue reading

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CSS3 Border Properties, etc.

At this blog you’ll find my summary article on all the CSS3 properties, values and browser support. CSS3 has many different components, and I am digging into each category. I just posted CSS3 Border Properties & Browser Support tonight, and … Continue reading

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CSS3 Properties, Values & Browser Support

CSS Properties Index Below is every most CSS3 Properties, all the possible values for that property, and the support for each property value from grade-A browsers This grid does not include animation, tranforms, grids, columns, layouts or templates. I have … Continue reading

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CSS3 Columns & Browser Support

I am busy working away at a grid of all the CSS3 properties. But, as I test them, I figure I would share. Here is the first set: the column properties. I have a grid of all of the CSS3 … Continue reading

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@font-face Browser Support & Tutorial

Up to now, web developers were limited in what typography they could use on a website to what the client had installed in their environments. Now that we have finally convinced designers to not include any fonts outside of georgia, … Continue reading

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Web Development for the iPhone: HTML, CSS & JS Support

Safari and Safari for the iPhone support all HTML elements, including deprecated elements and even some proprietary elements that were never part of any W3C specifications. In addtion, Safari is supporting some HTML5 elements, even though the HTML5 specifications have … Continue reading

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CSS Background Properties: possible values, default values, browser support and DOM

Everything you could possibly want to know about CSS Background Properties, including default values, browser support, targeting the DOM, and what to look for in CSS3. There are 5 attributes controlling background images, with a few more being added when … Continue reading

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JavaScript Object Literals Simplified

Instantiating Objects You are likely familiar with instantiating strings and arrays in javascript: var myString = new String(); var myArray = new Array(); Array and String are both objects, extended from the Object object. String and Array are objects inheriting … Continue reading

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Browser CSS Selector Support

Grid showing browser support for CSS selectors. This CSS3 Selector Support chart includes the new Firefox 3.0 beta, IE8 beta and Safari 3.1 on both Mac and Windows. Congratulations to Safari 3.1 for being the first mainstream browser to support … Continue reading

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WAI-ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications basics

Note: This blog is still in development, but it’s come a long way, and it is likely already a bit helpful. I will be adding more example snippets and more about live regions and handling dynamic changes, so come back … Continue reading

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