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My name is Estelle Weyl. I am a consulting web developer, write for Standardista.com and O’Reilly, speak about web development on occasion, Freelance as a Senior Web Developer in Silicon Valley, and organize conferences. I’ve been coding CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and PHP since 1999, tableless CSS since 2003. If you have any recommendations on topics for me to hit, please let me know via comments. I am currently working on entries regarding: favicons, microformats, image effects using CSS, eventlisteners/eventhandlers and cross browser AJAX using YUI and a php proxy. Let me know! At some point I will tell you a little about myself. But, in the meantime, I will spend time sharing knowledge I gain as I continue to develop websites. Here are some sites I have developed in the past that are still up:

Facebook Applications

iPhone Web Applications (to be viewed on iPhone only at this point)

Girl Geeks Unite

Part of the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate to all the school girls interested in technology: This is a great profession for women. And, to all the young women majoring in computer science, and all the other women who are changing their careers to be a technologist: you can do it!

A comment about comments

All relevant comments will be approved whether they slam my work or support it, as long as the poster legitimately identifies themselves. Differing opinions are o.k. The reason there is an approval process is because I have better things to do than weed out spam, and web developers have better things to do then weed thru useless comments.

Speaking Engagements

I don’t have any speaking engagements until the spring, so won’t post them yet. Please do vote for my panels at SXSW if you want to hear me speak (shameless plug). I will be posting the scripts of my past presentations here when i get them typed up, but you can see the powerpoints from my presentations at TodCon at SlideShare.

14 Responses to About Estelle

  1. Jade says:

    Glad to see fellow female programmers!! Good for you, you’re site’s adorable 🙂

  2. Virginia says:

    I’m happy to learn about your blog, it fits with the topic on my blog perfectly. I intend to make sure my readers know about you.

  3. Peb says:

    Great site! I’m an artist, not a programmer, but these days a web designer needs to be a bit of both. I’m learning CSS as fast as I can, and your articles on this subject are particularly helpful. Thank you, and keep up the good work – I’ll be coming back to learn more!

  4. Kim Flournoy says:

    I don’t know if I’d call the site “adorable” (would the commenter have said the same if it were a man’s blog?) but this is definitely a great resource for digging into CSS and JS problems. I find myself reading articles as they come out, and then coming back again once I’ve encountered a “real world” example and need a refresher. Keep up the good work!

  5. Prajakta says:

    Hi there! Nice blog! Very informative…

    I had Web Development as one of the courses in my undergrads. I just graduated. I have the knowledge and experience(in terms of class projects and assignments)for a New Grad Software Engineer position, but not for a web developer position. I would love to do a job in UI team. I have been doing my bit in WebUI by doing some online tutorials in Dojo / Server side technologies. I went through your interview questions and doubt if I would be able to answer all of them correctly. Do you have any suggestions for students who want to pursue a career in WebUI? and haven’t got an opportunity to get a relevant degree like in HCI, etc?

  6. Justin says:

    Hi Estelle
    You good great and your awesome work compliments it Estelle.
    If you were in Brisbane, I could have asked you to develop me an online electronic stores website.



  7. rajakvk says:

    Your website color/mood is cool. It is really wonderful to have fellow female in front end. In fact females can do a better job in cosmetic area. :-))

  8. Gardine says:

    Hello. I just want to give kudos to you for this helpful and informative blog. Your post here got my YUI snowball rolling. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  9. sam says:

    Thanks, I’d been looking all over for how to convert U+0151. I’ll have my site up in Hungarian soon.

  10. xan says:

    Cool website, very helpful

  11. Kerry says:

    Thanks Estelle,a very sensibly laid-out resource. Time saver. Another Aussie and designer here, realising I had to get a lot more serious about my CSS and JS standards.

  12. neil says:

    I’ve used your, excellently researched and collated resource, several times. The OSS community inspires new hope in humanity and will serve as a model for the future of civilisation.

  13. Trisukma says:

    Hi Estelle,
    Glad to see fellow female programmers!! I’m happy to learn about your blog. very helpful


  14. RJ Lewis says:

    I actually have a problem and since you’re knowledgeable I was wondering if you know if a hack for IE 8 position rendering.
    my website http://www.rjlewis.me has some rotated text on the front which for the most part renders really well across all browsers EXCEPT IE. Would recommend browser sniffing via js, or is there a CSS hack. I know that using the parent > child selector won’t work anymore, but I was wondering if maybe there is a Microsoft Transform hack or something.

    It’s good to see other women in tech!

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