View Source has a Posse: SXSW

If you are going to be in Austin for SXSW this weekend, make sure to come to our panel discussion: View Source Has a Posse.

The “view source” functionality of browsers is near and dear to my heart, as it’s how I learned to code, it’s how I judge who to hire, and it’s how I help trouble shoot bugs and quirks when developers ask me for help.

Here’s the summary from the the interwebs:

View Source Has a Posse

“View source” is a feature of all modern browsers that few people use, and that more probably wouldn’t miss if it disappeared. Still, viewing other people’s source code has played an undeniable role in the Web’s development, spurring a culture of creativity and sharing, and cementing values of openness and transparency in developer practices.

However, as the Web becomes increasingly dedicated to social interaction and applications rather than static documents, the value of viewing machine-generated source code raises a critical question: will view source be relevant to the next generation of Web apps? And what might be lost if new Web applications refuse to include its functionality?

Panelists include Aza Raskin from Mozilla, Chris Wilson from Microsoft, Michael Lucaccini of Archetype, and Alex Russell of Dojo & Google, and ME!.
Questions addressed will include:

  1. what is View Source?
  2. how have web developers and designers use View Source?
  3. what were the original intentions of the feature?
  4. how has view source functionality changed with things like Firebug and Web Inspector?
  5. what alternatives exist to support iterative hacking on other people’s code?
  6. how might tools and communities like GitHub augment or replace View Source?
  7. how important is view source to learning to program complex web applications?
  8. UserStyles, UserScripts, JetPacks and similar end-user web customizations – will these kinds of innovations be stifled if View Source goes away?
  9. how can view source functionality be added to other “non-web” software? How would it be different than open source software?
  10. is there a larger point to be made about the relevance of open source in the social/cloud era of computing?

The panel is 3:30 on Saturday in room 12AB. I hope to see you there. Please do say ‘hi’.

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