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I have been somewhat prolific as a technical writer for Community MX over the past 12 months. If you are interested in any of the articles, they are listed below. I will add new articles to this list as they get published (and as I get around to it). While Community MX is a subscription based website, you can get a one week free trial, and several of the articles (as noted below) are accessible without a subscription, and without logging in.

Most articles are part of a series. These four random ones are standalone:

There is a lot of interest in my IE8 post. It was a basic post, and I couldn’t get my butt in gear to write more. By writing for community MX, I kind of forced myself to research IE8. This seried has just begun… there will be a bunch more.

Based on my blog post on all XHTML elements, their attributes and their semantic meaning that I was wrote for this blog, I wrote an 18 part series going into each element in greater detail. The Object and input element (free) ones are the most intersting. The table of XHTML elements (also free) is the most useful:

While simple, the Three Column layout series teaches the reader how to make a three column layout, with the columns being able to be rearranged into any order without touching the HTML source code. If you don’t know how to make a CSS 3-column layouts, this series is definitely worth the read.

My firebug tutorial has already had over 100,000 views. Obviously there is interest. My Community MX Firebug series is only half way done, but as you can imaging, it’s going deeper into this most excellent tool. Similar to the IE8 series, I am still in the middle of this series. There should be several more.

The EMail Setup series is especially useful for anyone using CPanel or anyone trying to manage several email to and from accounts:

The CSS for Absolute Beginners series is very basic, and likely to simplistic for readers of this blog: as noted, it’s fore beginners. However, if you do want the basics, I am including the list of articles for those of you who are interested:

Don’t worry. Obviously I am still writing here too. Just wanted to share these in case anyone is interested.

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  1. Brian says:

    Somewhat prolific?

    Considering the quality and detail (and length) of each article, I’d be OK with you dropping the “somewhat” qualifier 🙂

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