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More CSS, XHTML and JavaScript at Community MX

I have been somewhat prolific as a technical writer for Community MX over the past 12 months. If you are interested in any of the articles, they are listed below. I will add new articles to this list as they … Continue reading

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6 Firefox 3.5 updates of interest

Firefox 3.5 CSS 3 Selector Support Firefox 3.5 was released today. Like the beta version that I tested a few months ago, FF3.5 supports all CSS3 selectors. See the CSS3 Browser support grid. This is great news, and makes us … Continue reading

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90 CSS Properties, Values and Browser Support

CSS Properties Index Below is every CSS 2.1 Property, all the possible values for that propery, and the support for each property value from grade-A browsers This is a work still in progress (i.e. unfinished) , but if you find … Continue reading

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CSS content, counter-increment & counter-reset

I have never used the counter or increment properties since they aren’t supported in IE7 or earlier, nor are the :before pseudo elements, or content property. Since IE8 does support all of these, soon we may be able to include … Continue reading

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22 Questions to Ask Before Developing a Website

I developed this “Website Development Questionnaire” in 2002. It is old, but it still serves me well, so I thought I would share. I don’t actually add the bold or italic sections below. Those were added here to help you … Continue reading

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IE8 – What you need to know

IE8 CSS Support and Rendering Mode, IE8 debugging, etc. IE8 and CSS IE8 compliance mode / preventing IE7 rendering in the IE8 browser IE8 bugs Differences between IE7 compatibility mode and IE8 IE8 CSS Hack IE8 Developer Toolbar (or Firebug … Continue reading

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WAI-ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications basics

What is ARIA? ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications. With the proliferation of internet applications, there has been an increase in the number of sites requiring javascript that update without page refreshes. This imposes accessiblity issues that weren’t addressed … Continue reading

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CSS Browser Support (iPhone, IE8, IE7 Compliance Mode, FF 3.5 beta & Safari 4 Beta included)

Note: This article is about CSS selectors. I also have a post on All CSS2.1 Properties and Values, and Broswer Support (huge file, but worth the download time) Update 6/30/09: Firefox 3.5 was released today. Like Safari 3.1 and newer … Continue reading

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Canonical tag for SEO

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are now supporting the canonical meta tag as the standard for identifying the actual source of your content: the real URL that you want to recieve page rank for your key terms. Many sites have the … Continue reading

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hover pseudoclass for the iPhone

Since you’re not hovering, there is no hover pseudo class on the iPhone. instead they have touch events. To simulate the :hover pseudo class, include javascript similar to this: var myLinks = document.getElementsByTagName(‘a’); for(var i = 0; i < myLinks.length; … Continue reading

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