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Information about mouse cursors and favicons. We’ll show you how to create icons, manipulate icons and control them.

CSS Background Properties: possible values, default values, browser support and DOM

Everything you could possibly want to know about CSS Background Properties, including default values, browser support, targeting the DOM, and what to look for in CSS3. There are 5 attributes controlling background images, with a few more being added when … Continue reading

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Favicons: why and how to create favicons

The "WHY" of Favicons Favicons ARE an integral part of your website and branding. Favicons are the single most important graphic appearing on a website. While that sounds like a strong statement, it’s true. Favicons are the least expensive and … Continue reading

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Controlling cursors with CSS and creating .cur files

Creatings Cursors, a.k.a. .cur files You can convert images such as .jpgs or .gifs into cursors. A static cursor is saved as a .cur file. An animated cursor is saved as a .ani file. To create a .cur or .ani … Continue reading

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