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90 CSS Properties, Values and Browser Support

CSS Properties Index Below is every CSS 2.1 Property, all the possible values for that propery, and the support for each property value from grade-A browsers This is a work still in progress (i.e. unfinished) , but if you find … Continue reading

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Browser Testing: 3 tools you can’t live without

Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 don’t render the same. Also, Firebug 1.0 is less buggy than Firebug 1.2. So, at this point, it really is necessary to run multiple versions of Firefox in your development environment, similar to how most … Continue reading

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XHTML Elements, their parent, children, attributes and default browser presentation

XHTML Elements, their meaning, semantics and attributes <ELEMENT> Element Name Block, Inline, etc. Element’s Parents Element’s Children 3 Browser Presentation Attributes1 Comments Elements occuring outside the body element <!DOCTYPE> Document Type Declaration Not Displayed first line none –   Required. … Continue reading

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http-equiv: Meta Attribute Values for http-equiv

The http-equiv attribute is used by servers to gather information about a page using the HTTP header. The meta tag’s http-equiv attribute set is similar to a http header. The attribute lets you to send additional information to the browser … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Browser CSS Selector Support

"Google Chrome," a browser based on the Webkit engine used by Safari, was released today. Chrome uses AppleWebKit/525.13. Safari 3.1 uses a slightly newer version: AppleWebKit/525.18. Below are the various CSS selectors, including CSS3 selectors, and current browser support. Green … Continue reading

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Browser CSS Selector Support

Grid showing browser support for CSS selectors. This CSS3 Selector Support chart includes the new Firefox 3.0 beta, IE8 beta and Safari 3.1 on both Mac and Windows. Congratulations to Safari 3.1 for being the first mainstream browser to support … Continue reading

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Safari 3 CSS Support

Safari 3.0 has the best CSS, including CSS3, support of any popular browser. Below I go over Safari CSS Selector support and then show how to include multiple background images, and how to create rounded corners without the use of … Continue reading

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Web Development for the iPhone

iPhone Web Applications: HTML5, CSS3 & dev tips for iPhone development View more presentations from estellevw. Web Development for the iPhone: Targeting the iPhone Safari browser Developing for the iPhone Also check out Creating native looking iPhone web apps with … Continue reading

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HasLayout: HasLayout is a Microsoft proprietary property that determines how IE will render the dimensions of an element. It’s a boolean read-only value that is either true or false. When an element’s hasLayout property is false, IE has rendering quirks. … Continue reading

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Browser Detection versus Object Detection

Javascript: Things you should know Use object detection instead of browser detection Note: This is part I of a "Javascript: Things you should know" series. I assume readers have an understanding of the core language. I try to cover quirks … Continue reading

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